A little about us…

Sunderland Based Digital Marketing

Glass Frog are a digital design & marketing company based in Sunderland’s Enterprise Park.

Meeting your needs

Glass Frog can help a business develop and implement a marketing strategy that encompasses the full spectrum of online marketing using traditional marketing methods combined with the latest cutting-edge methods in digital marketing.

We are strong believers in the three M method of marketing:

Delivering the right


Using the right


Targeted at the right


These methods are the only profitable way to penetrate a market sector –
shotgun approaches may score some hits but the majority of your effort will be wasted both in terms of time and money.

You Decide

Our clients possess different levels of skill and we try to accommodate them by offering a package of services specifically designed to support them and help them grow their business. Generally, our service offerings fall in three categories:


This approach is great when a client has enough time – or staff resources – to take on board and try out new processes and systems. The only surefire way to see if something works in your business is to test, analyse the results, discard the failures and then test again.

Our mentoring service can guide you through the maze of processes, systems and applications that will really make a difference in your business by pointing you in the right direction and then helping you to analyse the results.


This is a more formal approach where the client candidate needs to brush up or learn specific processes, systems or applications and receives training in those areas to help them apply the knowledge to improving their existing businesses.

It is more intensive and we recommend that any training in these areas is at least attended by two or three company members. In business one is a most dangerous number!.

Done for You

Many of our clients have neither the time nor the manpower to carry out our recommended marketing methods and for them we offer a full Done for You service whereby we take the take the recommendations and implement them on your behalf.

For this service, we provide a full analytics review where the impact of our intervention can be clearly seen.

Our Skillset


Website Development



Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Management

Video Marketing

Positive Results

There has to a positive ROI (return on investment) for the client, otherwise it is a waste of time and money on both sides.

There is no guarantee that we will take on a client as we do insist that a pre-work analysis is done on the client’s business and if we find any weaknesses that the client is unwilling to address, we will not take on the work.

We have recently rejected several clients, one in particular who wanted us to drive more traffic to his website to convert to leads. Initial analysis showed that there was an inherent flaw  in his data capture system that was causing him to lose over 80% of his leads but when we pointed this out he was unwilling to fix this simple problem that was literally burning his marketing spend.

While we can achieve great measurable results, there has to be some input and agreement from the client as to how we can reach our goals together, working as a team. We may not fully understand your business, but we do know how to drive more qualified visitors to your company and we know the importance of systems and processes that capture the most important data from these visitors so that you can remarket your goods and services to them.

Glass Frog’s measure of success is their client’s success

Companies succeed when they grow and Glass Frog are dedicated to helping your company grow,
increasing your client interactions, leading to increased sales and profitability.

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