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Where is Your Website Hosted?

        Data Protection Laws One of the selling points of leaving the EU was the freedom UK citizens would have from EU bureaucracy and laws. There are some good and bad points to this. For example, earlier in 2018 the new General Data Protection...

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New Copywriting Service Launched

In my former life as a journalist, wordsmithing was a skill that I acquired over many years of practice. It has stood me in good stead when It came to websites and marketing pieces, because, truth be told, writing good copy, especially sales copy, is a skill that is...

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August is Leads Month

August, middle of the holiday period, long balmy days, time to relax before you start the grind in September? NO!!! While your competition is lazing around on holidays or generally ‘putting stuff off’ until September, this is the ideal time for you to maximise THEIR...

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Google Knowledge Graph

Despite the recent negative publicity about Google's 'biased' shopping recommendations, the company is highly innovative in the way it delivers search results. Their video on the topic explains it better and shows the level of research and linked-up results it does...

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Security Online

Don’t Get Pwned: A Guide to Safer Logins by Richard Barnes, Author of Internet Citizen Richard Barnes More and more of the sensitive, valuable things in our life are guarded through password-protected online accounts — love letters, medical records, bank accounts and...

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