The Glass Frog Creative Video Team deliver innovative ideas and solutions to businesses who want to exploit the new opportunities now available on the internet, social media, video & mobile platforms, with particular emphasis on mobile devices, the new driver for internet interaction with consumers and business.

In today’s multimedia driven society more companies have identified a need to work with an experienced, reliable company with superior talent to supply them with state of the art digital services.

Glass Frog Creative Video is your full service video production company. We offer a combination of services all designed to work together to give your company the visually stimulating edge and additional branding exposure that is critical to your success in today’s mixed media marketing landscape. Glass Frog Creative Video is the choice your business can rely upon to give your project award winning creative services combined with advanced multimedia marketing applications to make your brand and your projects exceptionally successful.

We can create engaging videos from almost any source – PowerPoint, photographs, fliers, leaflets and turn them into your silent sales team, use them on the web: your site, YouTube, blogs and a host of other multimedia sites to attract and drive visitors to your business. Call 0191 516 6262