Need a video to promote your business or service?

A professionally shot, edited and rendered video that will work on your website, YouTube or your mobile device, working 24/7 to show your products to the world?

Video ads can take many formats; a promo shoot featuring elements of your business; a walk through of your business premises, a promo video featuring your latest product and much, much more.

We can take still images of your business or service offering and create a flowing, beautifully-produced video that we can then embed on your website, optimise for YouTube or even create a standalone presentation that is perfect for exhibitions or staff training.

The team at Glass Frog can help and guide you through the entire process from the initial concept to the final production, including distribution and marketing. Whether you need a an online presentation, a promotional piece for your computer or a professionally finished DVD of your masterpiece, Glass Frog can help.

WHITEBOARD VIDEOS are now available.

Now you can benefit from this amazingly engaging new system that compels the viewer to watch the message delivery process. We are using these videos to absolutely dominate YouTube and Google for our Google – they are really that powerful!

We have considerable experience in creating video ads that work and some of our work examples are shown below.