The Saga Continues…

A crack Swat Team descended on the Jupiter Centre this morning, intensifying efforts to find Frederico, the kidnapped Frog. The team, lead by Inspector Inspector and his Frog negotiating specialists Corporal Punishment and Sergeant Major swooped on Riverside Offices in the Jupiter Centre in Sunderland in an attempt to snatch the Frog from the frogknappers.

Concerns have been raised about the proximity of a fish shop in Pennywell that has been serving fried Frogs Legs as an exotic treat and stop and search operations have been conducted on Queen Alexandra bridge to ensure that Frederico is not transported across the River Wear.

Meanwhile, another ranson demand has been left by the gang:


Part 1 Compliance; It is difficult to ontain such a huge amount of Freddo’s at such short notice; we are appealing to all of our conections online to search out and provide Freddos to us.

This is a Freddo –

Chocolate Frog

Chocolate Frog

Compliance 2:

Gavin is the one in the middle: