Top Ten Presentation Tips

Delivering a presentation that is slick, relevant, topical and engaging means a lot of pre-planning and a great deal of groundwork. If you get it wrong, it shows in the end result, and a poor presentation could mean loss of sales, incorrect messages being delivered or even the loss of an opportunity to impress your peers or even your boss.

This is where Glass Frog can help. We can work with you to determine your objectives and then set about planning how you will achieve these objectives.

There are multiple stages to consider when developing your presentation, but our Top Ten Presentation Tips are:

  1. Content is King – Make sure the message is relevant, engaging and as short as possible!
  2. Use Contrasting Colours – Make the presentation as readable as possible – and don’t forget colour blind viewers!
  3. Use a big font – 24 is good but take into consideration your audience’s viewing positions- they may need a larger font
  4. Avoid text animations – they delay the presentation and distract the audience
  5. Turn the pointer off – movement can distract from the topic being delivered
  6. Blank the screen in certain spots to emphasise a point – grab their complete attention!
  7. Use visuals instead of text slides – a picture can really be worth a thousand words!
  8. Be able to jump to any slide – be prepared to backtrack – quickly!
  9. Draw on the screen during a presentation – having a level of interactivity gives you control over the presentation and engages with the audience.
  10. Have slides at the end of your presentation – once you reach the end of the presentation and you do accidentally go too far – you are still in the PowerPoint presentation and can go back if necessary. Great for FAQ sessions

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