We have a large proportion of our clients running on servers provided by Heart Internet. Yesterday we experienced some serious downtime for many of these servers and we would like to both apologise for these outages and share with you information as to why this happened.

The outage affected both 123REG and HEARTINTERNET customers.

You can view further information by visiting their status pages:

  1. Heart Internet System Status
  2. 123REG System Status

The issue

Some of our customers may have recently experienced issues regarding connectivity on websites hosted with us.

This has occurred due to a brief power interruption in one of our data center halls. This has been rectified within minutes.

Most websites should now be back online while the remaining ones are soon to be back on track as well.

The main impact has been experienced on shared web hosting and VPS packages.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

** UPDATE 11-02-2015 1152am **

Heart have just updated their blog with a message to their customers:

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