Social Media Management

Glass Frog offers a full range of Social Media services including

  • Page Branding – Custom branding for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Training in social media best practice
  • Social Media Management – a service that we offer to clients where we can manage their entire social media portfolio ensuring maximum effectiveness

With the advent of Social Media, the marketing landscape has changed.

It is now really ‘Power to the People’, where a community of smartphone users can make or break a business. You may be on the receiving end of scores of good and bad reviews on sites like Yelp, Hibu or Trip Advisor, and unless you use the online monitoring tools that are now available, you will never know whether your online reputation is really suffering – or if your reviews are good – soaring.

You need to manage all of these new media outlets, send out the appropriate message to your Twitter followers, update your Facebook page, keep an eye on Tumblr, watch Reddit, update your LinkedIn profile…… and that’s just a start!

What you really need is social media management to help your business maintain a powerful, positive presence. A Social Media Manager who is experienced in the nuances of all the Social Media platforms, someone who can and will monitor your brand and increase its reach through Social Media Marketing techniques.

A Social Media Manager can help you to build a positive internet presence and grow your customer base by using effective social media management strategies.

To be honest, Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming and as it has an intangible effect, can be difficult to monitor its effectiveness.

Social Media is developing at a breakneck pace and you have to be able to keep up and react to these never-ending changes.

While Facebook and Twitter are the current darlings of the social media wave, new sources are appearing (and disappearing) at an alarming rate.

Social Media Marketing is a completely different animal to traditional marketing.

It is all based on building relationships, and through these relationships come endorsements and recommendations. The media is word-of-mouth marketing on steroids, and it has to be controlled, planned and implemented.

Glass Frog has developed a strategic support system for Social Media Management, specifically designed to assist their clients achieve their online brand goals.

We can help you

  • Create and Maintain a positive business profile on the top Social Media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook .
  • Work with you to enhance your website to make the most of Web 2.0, to drive new traffic to your business website
  • Keep you up to speed with all things Social Media to ensure that you keep abreast of the latest developments
  • Build your follower list and keep these ‘warm’ and responsive by sending out updates on a regular basis,.
  • Optimise your online presence, through Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine marketing –The Glass Frog effect will help your website get noticed!

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