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Tips from Industry Experts to Help You Maximise Your Online Presence

Here is another in an occasional series of insights into effective marketing strategies. Today we hear from Bruce Daisley, UK MD of Twitter

Running in Real-Time: Bringing Campaigns to Life by ‘Marketing in the Moment’

by @BruceDaisley, Twitter, UK Managing Director

1. Use keywords as trigger points to take advantage of, and participate in Twitter conversations. Position your brand’s content in front of people talking about relevant topics and events.

2. Use tools like Topsy to understand the rhythm of topics and to help you prepare for “moments”. e.g. brands took advantage of people talking about bad weather for their marketing points. You can even plan in advance e.g Adidas UK took advantage of the tube strike:

3. Twitter is driving people towards purchase – “94% of Twitter users are shopping on their mobile”.

4. Marketing for unexpected moments depends upon your state of mind. But you can prepare for these moments well in advance for any eventuality, good or bad, that might happen. e.g. when o2′s network went down. They responded to complaints with great humility, but they said that they had already prepared for such an event.

5. Find your brand’s correct tone of voice. Will you be funny, timely, irreverent. Most brands have a different corporate tone which can be quite discordant.

6. Having a human element for your social media is essential. You’ll find that even if you tweet @ at Brand, you’ll be tweeted back from an individual, or even a brand’s customer service account, like Burberry.