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This was a very broad brief.

From the initial concept ideas to full-on branding, launch promotion and marketing, we have been with this one every step of the way.

We were asked by the client to come up with a logo that reflected the ethos of the brand and fairly quickly we devised the ‘ManVFood 100% Original’ theme.

This has been incorporated into all aspects of the brand including some fairly impressive neon signs that are emblazoned around the restaurant.

We then set up the Social Media, concentrating mainly on Facebook and Twitter. With a launch date for the restaurant unknown, we unleashed the Facebook page, which quickly grew to a hefty 9,000 Likes – most of whom wanted to know the opening date!

Keeping the customers informed and engaged without actually having specific dates was difficult, but as the opening drew nearer we were able to generate additional interest through Facebook, using photographs and teaser comments to keep the Likes growing.

As launch day approached the likes shot up by another 1,000 to 10,000 and two weeks after launch we are hitting 15,000+. The restaurant is booked solid.

Now for the website….


Project Details

Client Man vs Food

Date Ongoing

Skills Branding, Social Media Management

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