Death by PowerPoint they call it.
You know the feeling; the presenter gets up and flashes scores, if not hundreds, of PowerPoint slides on the screen, and to make matters worse, quite often reads word for word from them so that the same boring information is given to you twice.

The slides themselves are usually put together really badly; too many slide-ins, fade-ins, swirling letters and so on. The only thing that stops you from falling asleep is the motion sickness you get from watching the slides appear and disappear.
There is a better way and we have helped more companies achieve a new level of engagement with their audiences by following our step-by-step guide to creating a great presentation.

And to make it even livelier we offer a range of exciting new services to make your presentations zing:

  • Glass Frog can create a template that includes and promotes your specific corporate brand, so if you do share the presentation on the internet as a marketing exercise, your brand will be embedded and highly visible to all viewers ā€“ we can even advise you where to upload your presentation to help you gain maximum exposure and feedback for your company
  • Glass Frog can create a presentation that includes some pretty nifty ā€˜3Dā€™ business-related animations. Great attention grabbers and absolutely ideal for presentations that can get overly dry and technical.