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Branding is the best way to promote your company’s online presence and beat out the online competition. By developing a powerful brand you will benefit from long-term gains to move you towards your business goals and objectives. Having a strong and memorable brand can also develop trust,  increase your company’s visibility, develop better client relationships and make it much easier to monitor and manage that most valuable of all business assets – your reputation.

Developing your online brand is time consuming requiring dedication and the ability to provide a constant stream of relevant and useful information geared towards attracting and keeping a ‘captive ‘ audience that will eventually engage with you in a formal client relationship.

What you must do to kick-start your brand:

Be Ubiquitous – Pop Up Everywhere, Consistently

You have to determine where your target audience ‘hang-out’ and begin exposing your brand in these channels. This will require some research, but once you know which watering holes they drink from, you can start delivering high-value content right at your prospects, enhancing your reputation and developing your brand awareness at the same time. Encourage interaction – don’t hog the conversation – and this act of reaching out will have tremendous impact on your brand.

Video May have Killed the RadioStar, but

YouTube is still the King of Video #content Delivery and there are ways to market on YouTube that will have almost instantaneous results for you. Make sure your brand is consistent throughout all media channels though – you don’t want to confuse your audience with garbled messages. The impact of marketing on cannot be emphasised enough; it’s reach is phenomenal; but you have to know how to play the game with this Google-owned media.

Branding serves many purposes:

It increases your online reputation – The more branded that you are becoming, the better your reputation will rise. Being known as an expert in a particular field in your niche will help you attract more attention of the people in your industry and being acknowledged the go-to guy in your field, the more referrals you will earn form your converted clients.

It attracts more traffic – As an expert in your field or niche, your regular readers and followers will link to you, reference you and refer you to their own spheres of influence. This heightened interest and link juice will invariably lead to more web traffic coming your way.

Digital marketing is becoming extremely complex, so the importance of having a clear online brand is critical. Your brand will help you to develop a strong online presence that will help you succeed, compete and stand out in your industry. Branding is the most efficient, effective and long term marketing solution for many industries.

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