Local Marketing

Local Marketing has dramatically changed the face of communication

There are three things we take with us when we leave the house nowadays when you leave the house;

our keys, our wallet and our mobile phone.

When we are out and about and we need to locate something or somewhere, what do we do?

We search for it on our mobile or smartphone. The internet, particularly searching the internet has changed dramatically. 80% of our searches are for local businesses or services.

How much would this benefit your business if you were well-placed in Google maps and the key citations directories that enhance your presence on the internet?

But that’s not all: – what if we can show you how to give incentives to those potential customers  to visit your store and buy?

Glass Frog have access to and have specially developed mobile applications that make it possible for your customers to access discount vouchers directly from the internet right onto their mobile devices to encourage  them to visit your store to redeem. This can be done right off your mobile phone screen!


80% of your local business comes from people who live or work five miles from your location

Phone Directory, Newspapers, TV, Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Print Ads and Email have all had their day – local and mobile rules!


of our searches are for local businesses or services

  • You must claim and optimise your Google Business Page.
  • Over 90%  of Google Business pages have not been claimed.
  • Do you even know what Google Business is or where it is?
  • Do you want to know how?
  • Would you like to be streets ahead of the competition?

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