After a lengthy period of blood, sweat and tears, it’s finally here – Glass Frog Digital.

From an embryonic start that has lasted some years (!) the Frog has finally evolved into a robust, all-encompassing Digital Marketing beast.

With the help of some of the best copywriters, scriptwriters, video producers and designers in the business, aided by a prolific team of SEO experts and backed by an advisory board of seasoned and internationally-known internet marketers, the eagle or rather the Frog, has landed.

In the run-up to launch, we have successfully carried out some amazing marketing projects for our clients, some of which will appear on these pages in the coming weeks.

We also proudly present the new logo – the original Freddo was scheduled for the chop, but some nifty redesign by Gavin freshened the brand and here he is in all his glory.
We really couldn’t bear to see him go…


Why April 1st for a launch? Well the pat answer is ‘why not’, but looking back in history, there are some remarkable firsts on All Fools Day.

Apple Computers, for instance, launched on April 1st 1976, in 1778 – Oliver Pollock, a New Orleans businessman, created the “$” symbol, in 1826 Samuel Mory patented the internal combustion engine, in 1971 The United Kingdom lifted all restrictions on gold ownership and, of course, who could forget that in 1929, Louie Marx introduced the Yo-Yo.

Need I say more?

Welcome to Glass Frog Digital, I look forward to working with you and making your business buzz.



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