When Google sneezes, it seems that we all catch a cold, so I have some very important news about this behemoth and its recent changes to its search algorithms, changes that could dramatically affect your search engine rankings.

Google is implementing some serious changes, and as marketers, we have to stay on top of it.

This most recent change was a big update to their core on June 3rd 2019. This has already seen some companies suffer a 40% drop in traffic. On June 5th 2019 Google announced a diversity update to limit the number of search results displayed per search query. And at Glass Frog we’re doing everything we can to keep our finger on the pulse of what marketers in (and outside of) the industry are seeing as MULTIPLE updates are rolling out.

Learn more about what’s going on this week and what you can do to combat any traffic or ranking drops in the search results. Don’t miss out, and stay ahead of the game!

Once I have had a chance to analyse the changes and their consequent impact on the world of search and how it could affect you and your ranking, I will be updating you on the changes and what you should be doing to maintain your position in search.


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