Many people still have their Facebook business page set up as personal page. Whether by accident or design, it’s something that you must attend to now.

Primarily, it contravenes Facebook’s terms and conditions to have your business page set up as a personal page, and if Facebook find out, they will delete your account along with all the carefully nurtured relationships you have on there.

Best to change it today if you value your contact list!Secondly a personal page just doesn’t look professional. Some people have set up their business page with part of the business name as for both the first name and last name. It might have been expeditious from the outset to do this, but this sends a message out to the businesses ‘friends’ that they don’t do things correctly. First impressions count especially when you are trying to build up your Follower base.
A real Business page is feature-rich and is designed to engage with your followers, whereas a personal page is for interactions between family and friends in an informal setting. You have to be open for business to potential buyers.
Here is the step-by-step guide to migrating your personal account to a fully-fledged business account:

Step 1 – Log into Facebook using the exact personal account that you wish to migrate to a business page. Make sure you are converting the right page as changes are irreversible.
Step 2 –Make a backup of your existing profile  and timeline if it contains information you want to hang onto, because converting a personal profile to a business page deletes all of the wall and timeline information apart from your friends list and subscribers.
To create a backup go to the account menu at the top right of your Facebook page, choose the Account Settings option, and then choose the “Download a copy of your Facebook data” option.
Step 3 – Use this link to navigate to the  Facebook migration page

Step 4 – Choose the category of business page you would like to use for your business. You can choose from:

Local Business or Place
Company, Organization or Institution
Brand or Product
Artist, Band or Public Figure
Cause or Community
Facebook like image
Step 5 –Facebook’s migration tool will guide you through the steps of finalising the conversion process

Step 6 – Once you have migrated your personal  Facebook profile to your new Business page, fully complete the profile section entering all the details you can about your business. Your personal profile probably didn’t contain a fraction of the information you can add into this section. Populating this correctly also makes it easier for your business, brand or service to be found.
If you need further information on how to migrate successfully, visit the Facebook Help section at
As I said before do it today – just imagine if you lost access to all of your faithful Facebook followers!