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Thoughts on a Short Drive

On my 8 mile drive to the office, I invariably look around at the commercials to see how they represent their brand, pique awareness and then offer a call to action.

Most are poorly executed, some are amusing – even laughable! And some are standout.

So I thought I would share some of my observations with the wider world on a regular basis.

Today I write with bemusement; the vehicle I followed had the right ingredients – bold signage proclaiming ‘No Repairs Ever’ and underneath a Freephone number giving the contact details.

The website was displayed underneath the number plate area – short and memorable, needing no complex spelling combinations. All good stuff. But what did they do? And what qualifies for ‘No Repairs Ever’?

Intrigued, I caught up and drove past the van – which was immaculately presented (another brownie point) – to read the side signage. All that caught my eye was the company name with the following written beneath the van’s side windows – ‘Laundry –Detergents’ and something else that I didn’t quite have time to read as I do occasionally watch the road ahead as I drive.

For me this was an ‘almost there’ promotional display – they got my attention, gave me a call to action but didn’t supply the ‘what’.

However, as I was so impressed by the effort, I did check the company out on the internet.

Their website and their business offering are amazing and they cover so many things that it would have been impossible to itemise them all on a van side, but they still missed a key audience by not delineating their target markets in some form of all-encompassing strapline or statement on the back of the van which is the most common viewpoint for other motorists. Side branding is great when the van is static, front branding less so – unless you reverse the text so it appears right way round when viewed in the rear view mirror.

They are a large National Group and have some great response systems in place, so it’s a shame that they missed out on a little point that would be the finishing touch to a near-perfect offline marketing tool.

Check out their website at and see if you can spot any areas that you can take away and deploy in your own marketing.

Tune in next Tuesday to see what marketing gems turn up on the Glass Frog Digital Drive-in