Video Advertising is embracing the ADHD age, with video views  now more likely to be carried out on a mobile device than on a desktop.

This explosion of video views has been noted by wise marketers and huge amounts of video advertising spend are now being invested in this growth area.

By 2019 it is estimated that the video advertising market will double in size by 2019, driven by the ongoing shift toward mobile video viewing.

The effectiveness of video marketing now outperforms all other types of online media, but with caveats attached; and just because an advertiser is now focusing on video does not guarantee success.

Basic ad rules and common sense still rule, and the engagement of the user is paramount – failure to engage with your prospect using online video is a recipe for failure. Great UX – user experience – is the key to success in the video ad world.

With our increasingly short span of attention, it is important that your message is delivered as quickly as possible to avoid the dreaded click-aways. While long form sales letters are still highly successful, long form video can be a big turn-off, with the average viewer remaining on the page for less than a minute.

You also have to consider the multiscreen capability of video – what might look great on a smartphone might look appalling on a desktop – and vice versa.

The true multimedia video advertising option is still on the horizon, but it is getting ever closer.

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