In my former life as a journalist, wordsmithing was a skill that I acquired over many years of practice. It has stood me in good stead when It came to websites and marketing pieces, because, truth be told, writing good copy, especially sales copy, is a skill that is vital in today’s ‘noisy’ environment.

Shouting louder doesn’t work. But if you speak the right words to the right audience at the right time, the world can be your oyster. And by speaking, of course, I mean speaking in text, in podcasts, in videos. Each medium requires a different approach to be successful, each requires a different length of message, but must be ‘spoken’ in your own tone, a tone that is consistent with the type of business that you are in or the type of product or service you are offering.

it would be fairly inappropriate if your funeral service was promoted by a small, very loud man shouting ‘You Buy one, you get one free!’ – as inappropriate as a sombre man waving a piece of paper saying in a very serious voice ‘You only need Juan Sheet.’

Sometimes weird works, but always be aware of your target audience and the context. Which is where I can help; copywriting is something that can make or break a campaign. Good copywriters are a vital asset to your marketing, so if you need help persuading others to use your services or buy your products, then outsource your wordsmithing to them.


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