We have worked with a charming couple for many years, helping to promote their online and one to one Clairvoyance and Mediumship service. They took the plunge many years ago and moved their location to Tenerife, adding new elements to their services including online readings by Skype and social media.

We have recently been working with a company in Saudi Arabia who are working on a fairly complex employment site, integrating a host of features that will give them a massive lead in the marketplace.
Some of the features that they requested took enormous development time and are really unique in the industry, but as with all projects we are covered by non-disclosure agreements, so that’s about all I can reveal at the moment.

Some of the features we developed for the employment site led us to think about reapplying some of the assets to our folks in Tenerife, so we approached them with a fairly unique proposition. As they had been with us for many years we offered them a ‘scrappage’ deal – we would take their old site as a ‘trade-in’ and give them a substantial discount on the development of the new site. This was a win-win situation for us and the clients; we would implement and test the software systems in a completely new field and the client would gain a new eCommerce and marketing site with features that they had never thought of before that would take away a lot of the admin headaches of booking people in from their various promotional points – the website, a personal Facebook page and a business Facebook page. We integrated the booking system so that bookings on the website and Facebook were perfectly synchronised, which meant that there were no double bookings and the workweek could be planned around availability. In addition, we added a facility so that when the couple was visiting the UK, there was also the opportunity for UK customers to book a live session there.

We haven’t finished with the automation yet as we identify opportunities for improvement on a weekly basis, but the launch has gone well and the booking automation system is big timesaver for them: and all this from the warm climes of Tenerife!

Where is this rambling post leading? Well to start with here is the site we developed for the Tenerife folks: https://www.annabella-clairvoyant.co.uk. Take a peak at the booking features and the integrated eCommerce. But really this is about our scrappage scheme. We are offering major discounts when you trade in your ‘old’ website and help you develop a new site that will launch you into the 21st Century with a full-on marketing assist and some pretty nifty bells and whistles.

Interested in our scrappage scheme? Give us a call on 0191 5166262 or drop us an email on info@glassfrogdigital.uk


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