Despite the recent negative publicity about Google’s ‘biased’ shopping recommendations, the company is highly innovative in the way it delivers search results.

Their video on the topic explains it better and shows the level of research and linked-up results it does deliver.

How does the Knowledge Graph help your company to be found on the internet?

The Knowledge Graph appears as box to the right of the search engine results on Google and contains such information as the company’s average rating, your address, business hours and user uploaded imagery. The Graph can be influenced, to some degree, by your on-site strategy.

There are several key elements to ensuring that your branded search visibility is high:

Mentioning your brand name throughout the site – not blatantly, but subtly – with links back to the home page will help your brand gain exposure as will optimised content featuring both your brand and company description in title tags and metatags. Obtaining expanded site links on search is not a given, but it is automated and based on user queries, so it is essential that you set up your site navigation as  thoroughly as possible with precise descriptive titles and meta descriptions for the most important pages.

I will be producing a comprehensive guide on best practices for SEO avaialble to download from this site, so as soon as it is ready, I will post it here and on Social Media for you to study and apply, but in the meantime, enjoy the Google Guide to the Knowledge Graph.


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