FHappy New Year 2016or many people, 2015 was a curate’s egg of a year – good in parts.

Unbelievably bad weather – our thoughts go out to those who have suffered again from the extreme weather conditions in this country and abroad.

A great year for many in terms of business recovery, although the spectre of the 2008 meltdown still looms large for a large proportion of business owners. The pace of change in the online world is phenomonal, and the method of access to and content delivery online continues to amaze and mystify at the same time.

Will 2016 bring new kids on the block?

Without a doubt and I am guessing that it will be the smartphone generation that will drive these changes.

Who would have thought that a live broadcast could be made from a mobile phone to a worldwide audience without charge?

That’s Periscope for you.

And who would have imagined that audience audio participation would be revolutionised by a smartphone that connected to a venue’s in-house audio? No running around with a mic to get the audience’s input now – just have them access the in-house audio with a smartphone.

The tech revolution can now be counted in days rather than months, such is the rate of change.

There is a company in California whose motto is ‘Innovate or Die’.

Not a tech company per se, but a bicycle company whose founder started the business selling tyres for cycles and who now runs one of the largest cycle companies in the US.

If a cycle company sees the value in innovation and advanced processes – don’t you think its time your own company did?

Automation of basic processes can help you keep up with the plethora of tasks a business has to do in this day and age and we have experimented with many systems to manage the day to day running of the business.

Our biggest problem has been communicating with our customers and providing valuable content in bite size chunks on topics that they are interested in.

When you see the diversity of businesses we work with and the range of services we offer, it is a bit of a problem to segment and individually message our client base with topical information pertinent to their sector.

That’s all about to change. We have invested in a very sophisticated contact system that will ensure our clients are kept informed on all topics that could affect them.

It launches in January, alongside our extended marketing services that includes a very powerful video marketing platform that has had amazing results in our tests.

And to make it even more interesting and valuable we have a surprise gift for our clients to help them with their 2016 marketing drive.

Stay tuned – have a great end of year, whatever your choice of celebration, and I look forward to helping you all push the boat out in style in 2016.

Happy New Year!




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